Parts Supply


Tekserve has been servicing the parts industry for over 24 years and is a leading supplier of computer parts for Lenovo, IBM, HP and DELL, and many more.

Supplying parts for Notebooks, Desktops and Server products, our stock portfolio has grown and strengthen to support the demanding needs of parts supply contractual obligations of the service industry.

From memory and hard disk drives to full rack enclosures and complete servers, Tekserve can assist with all your purchasing needs in I.T. requirements.

Asset Removal


Tekserve has naturally moved into the asset removal side of our industry through our customers asking to remove and redeploy some of the very equipment we had supplied them at the beginning of its lifecycle. It has become a large part of our current business.

All our staff are fully trained in asset removal from the first phone call to the execution of the removal of the assets from site. We understand the need and urgency and can be at your site in a moment’s notice to assist in the removal of assets with our in-house team.



Gone are the days of a site calling a scrap company to collect their so called, "worthless assets" and the scrap company then selling the goods for high value.

We understand there is still a value in the assets removed and so we work with customers to pass some of that value back to them directly OR alternatively we pass it back via their preferred charity as part of their CSR program – Please contact us for more details and a site visit.

All assets can be removed and re-marketed as complete units or as individual computer parts via our in house stock profile - this generates the best possible value for each product or part!


Tekserve, Inc., founded in 1994, is a World Wide, High Quality, Stocking Supplier of IBM/Lenovo, HP, Dell and Toshiba computers, spare parts, and options. We are the primary supplier to many of the top companies in the Computer Service and Distribution Industry. We have earned a reputation for maintaining a large, accurate inventory of spare parts, for on time delivery and unsurpassed quality.

We carry complete units, spare parts and options for Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation and ThinkServer as well as IBM’s complete line of servers including X-Series and P-Series Servers. Tekserve also stocks all parts for Legacy systems such as NetVista, NetFinity and Performance Series machines.

Based in Raleigh North Carolina, we are specialist in ITAD within the eastern part of the United States and service many Datacenters, Schools/Colleges and Corporate offices.

We have our own in-house dedicated team that can be deployed to your site and decommission, data destruct, collect, return and recycle any IT asset of any qty. We can arrange staff buy backs, revenue share and even make a charitable donation to the charity of your choice.

Tekserve leads the way in innovative ideas for the re-use of I.T. asset redeployment.